We treat reptiles, rabbits, and small pocket pets.

Not all pets are furry! We like scales too, and we are proud to provide care for reptile and amphibian patients. These exotic pets require a special understanding to care for, so we have a team that is trained to provide reptiles and amphibians with care.

Caring for reptiles and amphibians can be very different than other pets, so it's important for pet owners to be educated on the needs of their pets. Nutrition and a proper habitat are major components of properly caring for reptiles and amphibians.

Yes! We treat reptiles! Dr. Cassens is very experienced with many varieties of reptiles from snakes to tortoises to bearded dragons! We offer many different types of treatment for these special pets, such as wellness exams, nebulization, antibiotic treatment, and wound care. Our staff is trained and confident in handling all types of non-venomous reptiles. Please contact us with any questions regarding our treatment of these critters. We love seeing them!
These babies are ready for their new homes!

As they grow, they will need a bigger enclosure, but for now a critter keeper will help them feel secure. A formulated crested gecko diet should be offered 3-4 times a week, and some insects can be included for variety. Please call us at 512-905-0045 for more information. $75 each.

Please have a prepared enclosure picture at time of purchase

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