The Holistic Approach

  • We pride ourselves in creating less stressful environments for your pets to visit. Our aquarium, lots of tasty treats and fresh catnip help create a positive experience for your pet to remember!
    • Animals can be conditioned and trained to love coming to the veterinary center.  For those who do not, we will have highly trained staff to control the environmental stimuli.
    • We have gone well beyond the traditional, two entrances. For our clients we offer outdoor exam room, “quiet areas” plus the liberal administration of pharmaceuticals to help relax pets.
  • We emphasize behavior and preventive medicine to empower owners in their caretaking.


The Office Visit Experience

  • All exams will consist of a proactive approach in taking the patient history and listening carefully to uncover behavioral or health issues.
  • A physical exam report card will be created for each visit and recommendations for heartworm preventive, flea control, and supplements can be prescribed.
  • Our team is well trained and experienced in recording an accurate weight with and body condition score, samples for laboratory analysis, blood pressures & after the exam: presenting plans and cost, after treatments: provide a written discharge with a medical progress or wellness exam in planned.